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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

by Mark Twain
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What is a good quote to use to explain how the duke and the daughin were cruel to mary jane and her family by swindling them? Im doing an analytical essay on how mark twains criticisms in 'the lowest animal" is shown in huck finn. One of my examples is how twain says that humans are purposely cruel, and my example in huck finn is how the duke and the daughin try to swindle mary jane and her family out of 46000.

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The plan to gain control of the inheritance money for themselves is born when the young man bound for New Orleans and eventually Rio de Janeiro comes aboard the skiff. He mistakenly assumes the king is the recently deceased Peter Wilks's brother arriving too late from England. Under detailed questioning from the king, the lad explains all the circumstances and gives the names of everyone connected with Peter, Mary Jane and the others.

When the king and the duke get together after the young man's departure,

the king told him everything, just like the young fellow had said it-every last word of it. And all the time he was a doing it, he tried to talk like an Englishman; and he done it pretty well too, for a slouch.

Later, after being entrusted with the cash on hand by Mary Jane, the king and duke have another conversation to consider their next steps.

I've go a notion, and I think it's a sound one. What is it, duke? That we better glide out of this, before three in the morning, and clip it down the river with what we've got. Specially, seeing we got it so easy - given back to us, flung at our heads, as you may say, when of course we allowed to have to steal it back. I'm for knocking off and lighting out.

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