What is a good quote that shows how internal conflict was Madame Louisel's ulitmate downfall?I just need one quote from the short story that explains this to me.

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From the beginning of "The Necklace," the reader is informed that Madame Loisel is unhappy with her life; she finds her life as a middle class wife extremely hard.  She believes that her beauty should entitle her to live a life of luxury and is miserable because she does not.  Madame Loisel's selfishness, vanity, and greed lead her to complain to her husband about her lack of fancy jewelry:

"I hate not having a single jewel, not one stone, to wear.  I shall look so dowdy.  I'd almost rather not go to the party."

Her husband, who is unhappy that his wife is not excited about the prospect of attending the party, suggests that she borrow some jewelry from Madame Forestier, her friend.  However, Madame Loisel's greed and vanity cause her to be less than satisfied with the fine jewelry her friend initially offers her; Loisel asks if there is something more.  Finally, Madame Forestier presents her with a piece of jewelry that is rich enough to satiate her greed.

All at once, in a box lined with black satin, she came upon a superb diamond necklace, and her heart started beating with overwhelming desire.  Her hands trembled as she picked it up.  She fastened it around her neck over her high-necked dress and stood there gazing at herself ecstatically.

Hestitantly, filled with terrible anguish, she asked:

"Could you lend me this one--just this and nothing else?"

"Yes, of course."

Had she not been in a state of internal conflict, Madame Loisel would not have felt anguished at the possibility of borrowing the necklace.  In addition, had her pride not prevented her from telling her friend the truth, she would have known the necklace was a fake in time to prevent her from ruining her future.

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