What is a good quote of Benvolio's from "Romeo and Juliet"?

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See below for links to Benvolio's character analysis, and a website which gives you every quote Benvolio ever says. If you want a single quote that sums up what Benvolio does in the play, I'd go for this one - actually the first thing he says in the play:

Part, fools!

He beats down their swords.

Put up your swords. You know not what you do.

Benvolio, never in love or fighting himself, is constantly trying to persuade Mercutio and Romeo to chill out and stop being in love, or stop fighting, or trying to fight. And after Mercutio's death, he just vanishes from the play. He is the traditional peacemaker.

And, incidentally, his name means "Good-wishing" or "well-wishing" (Ben - "good", and volio - "I wish").

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