What is a good, quick and efficient way to do a speech for an oral-speaking mark? May I please have some tips on how to go about it? 

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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For many assignments and projects, teachers provide a set of instructions called a rubric which is designed to help you understand their expectations. The rubric usually has a scale which shows whether the learner exceeds, achieves or fails to meet expectations in a few different areas. Check if you have a rubric and use it as a guide to help you deliver according to your teacher's requirements. To help you understand, here are some pointers to remember when preparing for an oral assignment. 

1. Plan your speech. Write down the main points and organize them in order so that your speech flows logically and your message is clear.

2. First impressions are very important so make sure your greeting and the introduction of your topic are welcoming and appropriate so that your audience takes you seriously. This will ensure that you have a good introduction and others are interested from the beginning. Add relevant statistics or facts if you have any. A "Did You Know..." usually sparks interest. 

3. Make eye-contact to show that you are approachable and that you are feeling confident and can relate to your audience. Speak in a tone that shows that you know what you are talking about. Be expressive.

4. Show that you understand your topic by delivering a speech that is informative, entertaining or persuasive depending on your topic. Use appropriate vocabulary and take care not to be repetitive unless you are doing it on purpose to emphasize your point. Vary your sentence structure and take care not to start every sentence the same way. 

5. Be enthusiastic about your topic because this will ensure that others also become excited about it.

6. If it is appropriate, use visual aids such as posters, diagrams or objects to help you.

7. Always have a suitable conclusion so that the listeners are satisfied. In a conclusion you can sum up what you said into just a few key points. Your conclusion will reinforce your introduction and confirm the topic you chose.

Practice your speech several times, even in front of a mirror so you can check your facial expression. Good luck. 

aura4 | Student

Speech is an addressal to the public having a common notion. The public in your case would be schoolmates and teachers. Therefore if you are to select the topic yourself, keep in mind what is the most prevalent thing a student of your age would be interested to discuss about.

Once you choose the topic prepare the outline what things you would like to cover pertaining to the topic.Most important is relevance,aanyrhing you discuss must be relevant to topic.

To give a catchy start to your speech you can include a very short story ir incidence related to the topic.

Use gestures.using hand movements and face expressions keeps the audience involved.

Feel what you say.If you are feeling what you say,it would be visible through your expressions.it is just another way to keep the audience involved.

Once you are all set, practice in front of mirror with confidence and you will surely get good marks. Best of luck.