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What are good questions to ask my teacher about geographical maps of the Roman Empire?

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The answer to this depends a lot on what information is already on the “geographical maps” that you are supposed to ask your teacher about.  Here are some possibilities, but whether they will work for you depends on what your maps already show.

  • Where are there mountain ranges on these maps?  This is an important question because it helps you...

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lexil0 | Student

One good question to ask is who the cartographer is. Maps, like other artifacts, contain bias. When studying maps it is important to identify who made the map and their purpose for making it. For example, if one country wants to seem defenseless against another and is asking a separate country for defense, they may use a map to allow themselves to look smaller. Map symbols can also be used for propaganda. His topically, cartographers have used small pictures or other powerful images to convey a message on the map. A good question could relate to the maps symbols and images.