What is a good scenario that a educator can tell a parent and child that their center is a great place to enhance the developments of the child?

Expert Answers
readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many scenarios where an educator can speak to parents about a school and how it can help a child develop to his or her full potential. In light of this, let me give you a few examples.

First, a educator can speak of the school, its cirriculum, and what other educational benefit that it offers at an open house. This would be the most logical place. Most schools have an open house a few times a year for interested parents. This is an ideal time for educators to speak of the benefits of the school.

Second, schools also have private tours. During these more personal times, educators can share with parents about the benefits of the school as well. Parents also have the benefit of looking around the facilities.

Finally, some more progressive schools have dinners for parents at homes. Often an alumni family hosts a dinner for interested parents. This informal setting over food and drinks can put parents at ease.