What is a good mission statement for a technology class (k-12)?

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A mission statement, in contrast with a vision statement, is a declaration of purpose and value of a group or project. It is not a short and catchy mantra like a vision statement; instead, it is a detailed description of what the group/project attempts to accomplish, explaining how they will accomplish it, and for whom.

The mission of a technology class is self explanatory.  An example of a mission of this kind would be:

To prepare the future citizens of a rapidly-changing society by providing opportunities for the application of technology into critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity.

Remember that the mission statement creates a more powerful effect when it is read without making full stops. Try not to break it down into sentences but, at the same time, beware of long run ons that may dilute the focus of it. In the previous example there are three essential things that often are included in mission statements:

  • the population or focus group that will be served
  • the strategies that will be used
  • the purpose of putting the two together

In other words, the mission is to get students ready for the future because the world and society now have the tools to continue to develop at a much faster rate. Hence, your plan is to focus on the areas of critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity as the thinking processes with which you want to infuse the application of technology.

A similar statement with a slightly different focus could be:

To respond to the need for technologically-adroit citizens by educating today the leaders of the future in the areas of problem solving, critical thinking, and overall creativity.

Again, ensure that the inclusion of population, intervention, and rationale are ever-present. Also, although the mission and the vision statements do not need to resemble one another, always make sure that the "mantra" that comes out of the vision statement can be identified in the mission, and vice-versa.

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