What is a good metaphor that can be used to visualize a poster in a girl's room?

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A metaphor is a type of figurative language that makes a comparison between two objects without using 'like' or 'as'.  If you were going to create a metaphor to visualize a poster hanging in a girl's room, it would be helpful to determine first the type of poster.  The metaphor should speak to the content of the poster to help create imagery.  If the poster was of some cute 'boy-band' or Justin Bieber, then the metaphor could be something like: "Julie's poster was nothing but eye-candy."  In this comparison, I directly compared the girl's poster to 'eye-candy,' an idiom for something that looks really appealing.  If the girl's poster was of something cute and cuddly, then the metaphor could be something like: "Cindy's puppy poster was a giant cuddle-fest."  I compare the cute puppy poster to the idea of a cuddle-fest. A general metaphor for a poster, any poster, in a girl's room is harder but might be: "Her wall was draped by a paper rectangle of caramel popcorn." The poster is compared to a geometric shape and to delicious, sweet caramel popcorn.