What is a good made up legend for an elephlower goblet (Elephant and flower grotesque)a 200 word paragraph on the legend of an elepalnt flower goblet. any ideas?

Expert Answers
askgriff eNotes educator| Certified Educator

That's a good question.  You may want to base it in India where elephants are revered and flowers are plentiful.  Maybe even relate them to something like the "Elephant Creeper" -- a flowering vine with leaves that look like elephant ears.

Perhaps something about a goblet or chalice which holds the power of the gods -- perhaps even Ganesha, the elephant God.

Maybe he was a human who drank from the goblet to gain the power of the gods and then he abused the power and attempted to take over the heavens -- so he was cursed with the head of an elephant.  Then, in a rage, he attempted to attack the gods again and he was consumed by flowering vines which, after they covered his temple, they began to sprout leaves that looked like elephant ears.

Or perhaps you can use this legend to include where all elephants actually came from.

Hope those ideas help.