What engaged in debate about the nature of democracy being superior to dictatorship, please stress what you would consider to be the most compelling argument.

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I would suggest that the inclusion of more voices into the dialogue and discourse would be one of the most significant reasons why democracy is superior to a dictatorship.  Democracy as a government seeks to include more voices and helps to bring a consensus by including as many points of view as possible.  There are a plurality of paradigms adopted, greater chance for discussion and discourse, and the integration of more voices into the realm of policy making and legislation.  Dictatorships seek to silence voices.  No matter how benevolent, the singular idea of one person or group being the focal point of all government denies heterogeneity in the policy formation process.  Additionally, I think that there is a greater propensity for abuse in a dictatorship where the silencing of voices becomes something more real than in a democracy.  I think that the likelihood for abuse on the parts of those who wish to consolidate power for their own benefit is what makes dictatorships a form of government that has to be dissuaded in favor of a democratic order that integrates more voices and incorporates a greater sense of consensus.

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