What is a good first paragraph for an compare/contrast essay on "The Birds"

epollock | Student

A great beginning has three parts. A good attention grabbing statement, also known as a hook, hooks the reader into wanting to read whatever you write in the first place. The next statement, known as the background or context, defines the context in which you write to give all of the necessary background information in order to understand your essay. This can and is usually done in a single sentence. The third sentence in a great opening paragraph is the thesis statement. The thesis statement is your plan, your organization of where your paper will go and in what direction it will head in. Your thesis statement should have controlling ideas as to the reason why you think the opinion is. Your thesis statement has two parts: the opinion, and your controlling ideas. The controlling ideas are two or three reasons why your opinion is the right one. These components are what is in a great opening paragraph.