In Little Bee by Chris Cleave, what is a good, explainable, quote from chapter 10 in the novel?

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For all the differences between the worlds of Little Bee and Sarah in Little Bee by Chris Cleave, there are some things that reveal a similarity between them. After the horrors she left behind in Nigeria, Little Bee has made it to England and contacted the only people she has any connection to in England, Sarah and Andrew. It is circumstance that, once again, brings them together after their initial and only other meeting which was on the beach in Nigeria when they saved Little Bee from almost certain death. Little Bee has spent two years in England in a detention center and, being astute, with a remarkable understanding of how to survive, she now finds herself wrapped up in Sarah's complicated life. Andrew has committed suicide and Sarah has taken solace from Lawrence her lover. Four-year-old Charlie wears his Batman costume at all times: 

The way, since Africa, that I(Sarah) had been running between worlds – between Andrew and Lawrence, between Little Bee and my job – running everywhere except to the world where I belonged. Why had I never run to Charlie?   

Sarah's world is falling apart and she can no longer simply maintain her previous "together" facade. Reality is forcing her to face what she has previously ignored. She has been trying to run away from her own world but with no where to go and but never understanding her need to actually "belong." Ironically, Charlie is the person who can bring Sarah's and Little Bee's worlds and needs together. 

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