What would be a good thesis statement for the topic "Think about what it means to be on a team."

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As with all essay topics, analysis of this particular prompt can go in many different ways.  I believe that if you have some level of first hand experience with the topic, it would be helpful for you to draw upon it as you construct a thesis statement.  I think that reflecting about what "the team experience" was could help immensely in developing and articulating thoughts on this level.  There is something about a team experience that should be brought out in the thesis statement.  I tend to think that reflection in this realm would talk about the notion of shared sacrifice, understanding of how individual goals have to be merged into collective identity, and the physical and emotional demands of such an experience would be part of this thesis statement.  I am not entirely certain if this is going to result in something totally good or something totally bad, but I think that your own personal experience would be critical in this.  If you do not have a personal experience here, reading reflections of individuals who have participated in the team experience would be important.  This will enable you to generate a stating point on the construction of a thesis statement in this realm.

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