What are some good epitaphs for Johnny and Dally from "The Outsiders" that are 2-4 lines and have an aabb rhyme scheme?

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I can't write these epitaphs for you, but I can encourage you to re-read parts of The Outsiders that deal with important elements of Johnny's and Dally's characters. Johnny is a sad character who is the victim of abuse from his parents. He has the appearance of having been neglected, and a former attack at the hands of the Socs makes him skittish and wary. He is like a lost soul who finds some temporary relief with the greasers. He also dies a hero, as he runs into the burning church to rescue the kids inside. His last words to Ponyboy are to "stay gold" after the poem Ponyboy read to him. Johnny means that Ponyboy should retain his...

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