What is a good ending quote from In the time of the Butterflies that shows a lesson being told? Anything about motivations

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gretc eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the most beautiful quotes in my opinion appears just after Mama has passed away and Dede is thinking about her life, as juxtaposed to all her loved ones who have already died. She is divorced and growing old. She has lived to see what became of the revolution her sisters helped to incite. Her political perspective on this history is mixed, because it involved so much pain and caused her to lose so many family members. Yet she sees that it might not have been for naught:

"Maybe these aren't losses. Maybe that's a wrong way to think of them. The men, the children, me. We went our ways, we became ourselves. Just that. And maybe that is what it means to be a free people, and I should be glad?" (p. 317)

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