For Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, how might one come up with descriptions for each chapter title?Need these answers ASAP!!!!

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First of all,Romeo and Julietis a play, not a chapter book, so coming up with titles for chapters isn't quite doable. The play is written in five acts with a different number of scenes therein. In order to provide a description, one would have to understand if the assignment asks for a description for each act or for each scene. Either way, one should read the text first. After reading, brainstorm some ideas using the themes or issues that presented themselves within the text. From those themes, a specific description based on those issues or themes could then be written and developed. For example, one would have to understand that the opening scene of the play is about a street fight between Capulets and Montegues. Later on, Romeo discovers that his cousin was involved and the audience learns that Romeo is against fighting; and in fact, he if very much interested in being in love--or out of it as the case may be.