What is a good debate/synopsis that genetically modified foods are safe and increase food quantity and quality?  

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Genetically modified foods are crops and food products produced from them that have been altered at the genetic (DNA) level.  These crops have had their genes specifically changed to help benefit the crop, and the seeds of these specific strains of crops are kept for future planting.  Some of the benefits from genetically modified crops are drought resistance, pest resistance, and increased yield (or harvest).  All of these attributes help to increase the quantity of food produced which is a good thing.  Genetic modification can also help to produce food of more pleasing color and taste, thus increasing the quality.  The real debate here is safety.  Some are worried that these altered foods could be potentially dangerous to some people.  An increase in food allergies could be seen as evidence of this.  But consider that millions of people have eaten this food over the course of years with no noticeable change in general health.  This could be considered the world's largest clinical trial.  Also consider that the food is still 99.9% unchanged genetically from the natural strains of food.  Finally, consider the fact that we may not have much of a choice.  With a global population of 7 billion and growing, we need to constantly be able to increase the world's food supply to meet the dietary needs of the planet.

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