Into Thin Air Questions and Answers
by Jon Krakauer

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What is a good creative project to do for the book "Into thin Air" a true story written by Jon Krakauer?

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If you know how to do a pop-up book, I would do one of these to show the important events of the true story, Into Thin Air. Overlapping pages can also be used in the same way, though not as effectively. If you are an artist, why not try a small graphic novel  or a cartoon series?  Pictures are worth a thousand words is the old saying, and maybe it's true.  Do you need to present this in class?  If so, what about writing a review of the book as a book critic would do, or a member of a climbing group would do?  Choose something that fits you and your interests because the project will be more representative of your own thinking. 

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yamaguchit | Student

Great question! Into Thin Air is one of my favorite novels, and there are many possible project ideas that you could potentially do. This story is about a man on a long journey who is dedicated to not only reach the summit of Mt. Everest, but to also survive the hike. It's a true story about passion, dedication, and most of all: heart.

I like that you want to get creative with this project, because I definitely believe there is a lot of possibility here. I am not sure what kind of project you are looking for, but let me throw out some ideas:

  • If at all possible, you and a friend or group (if its a group project), could perhaps dress up and do a skit on the struggles of climbing up the mountain. You could get very dramatic, and make it very realistic. Try to of course appeal to the audience, and express to them the true journey that John Krakauer went through.
  • If you are looking for something more tangible, perhaps do a written report/project and write from the perspective of Krakauer. Pretend that you are him, and you are writing in your journal about the various things you see up the mountain, your emotions, and the deaths you witness. Of course this whole novel is based around that idea, but you could certainly take it and make it your own, personalize it, and prove to your teacher you delved deeply into the book.
  • If you are looking for a project that is more flashy, try building a paper-machete Mt. Everest, with details on where certain events happened throughout the novel.
  • Better yet, try making a game board, where the goal is to reach the summit safely and plant your territorial flag. You could include various cards about how something like getting frostbite sets you back a turn, or requires you to take three steps back on the game board.

    Just try getting creative! I am sure you can think of a great idea and make the project reflect you!