What is a compelling thesis to convince a student that on-line classes are beneficial for their working and family situations?

Expert Answers
mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In considering a thesis for a persuasive essay, an essay in which you wish to convince someone of a position, you must prepare a position statement that has three points which you can support as well as provide counter-arguments to any objections that might be raised against these points.

Since the thesis is the last part of the introduction, you may wish to motivate your reader by asking one or two rhetorical questions such as "What is really keeping you from advancing your education?"    Then, you can lead into the thesis which will stress the fact that online courses provide individuals who are self-disciplined the opportunity to scedule classes around their lives rather than the other way around.  For instance, you could write something that appeals to the student's opportunity to arrange the course to fit his/her work schedule, family life, and personal needs such as personal attention by means of emailing the teacher with questions. Also, there are opportunities to network with other students taking the course. Free from time-consuming travel and other interferences, online courses that are only fingertips away provide the busy individual the flexibility needed to fit in educational opportunities with work, family, and personal needs.