What is a good citation to use to search for Patrick Henry without using Wikipedia?

Expert Answers
booboosmoosh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In searching for information on Patrick Henry, a good place to start is here at eNotes.com. The following source is about Henry, specifically. If you scroll down, you will find an enormous amount of information, as well as notes and references which may provide you with additional information.


There is also some information at eNotes.com regarding Patrick Henry's brother, William.



Another eNotes source reviews a book about Patrick Henry, while summarizing a good deal of Henry's life. This might be a source worth checking out.

The last source is another eNotes.com source. It is a biography of Patrick Henry. It is extremely extensive, and has a list of sources at the end where you can look for additional information. This source provides insight not only into Patrick Henry's activities with the Continental Congress, but with the politics of the independent Colonies, as well as history regarding his later life.