What is a good call to action if you are for the death penalty?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the most effective call to action if one is an advocate for the death penalty is the idea that individuals in society must take a stance against the barbarism that exists in said social order.  The death penalty's strongest claim is that it is the ultimate statement that society punishes lawbreakers, and those who have no regard for the bonds that exist between them and the others who share society with them.  For example, if someone kills children or kills many people without any sense of regret or remorse and simply does it because they can, proponents of the death penalty would say that a statement must be made.  This has to be a definitive statement and not one where there is equivocation.  Rather, there has to be a sense of demand in that change must be evident and that society will not tolerate such actions that tear apart at its fabric.  Proponents of the death penalty see it as the ultimate deterrent, the statement that reflects society's moral superiority and the ability to draw judgments and definitions in a contingent world that might lack the will to do such things.  It is here where I see the strongest appeal for the death penalty.