What are good business and leadership skills for Techniprint's owner?

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A Techniprint business can be a high profit business if there will be a good system in running it. Techniprint provides wide variety of printing products and services. The owner of the business should be able to have good business and leadership skills in order to be able to succeed in this field. Besides the basic business skills, a Techniprint owner should possess the following business skills:

1. Be a people person - have a good communication skills in order for you to be able to get more customers and the suppliers.

2. be presentable - A good printing business should have good advertisements and commercials for the customers to see. 

3. be creative - use the power of media in order to relay how great your products and services are

4. Learn, research and innovate - This business is a competitive one. To make sure that your services are always on top, there should be always innovation in the product outputs that will always keep the customers satisfied.

5. Listen to the customer - it is important to hear the feedbacks from the customer because that is the most important part of the business. 

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