What is a good book to write a comparative essay on with the novel the road by Cormac McCarthy ? I am a gr 12 student and i have already written an analysis/summary notes on the novel the road but now i need to find another book, do the same thing and finally write a comparative essay, could anyone please help ?

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The kind of novel you seem to be looking for is an "apocalyptic" or "post-apocalyptic" novel -- a work that deals with some kind of earth-shattering change that transforms or even destroys civilization. Such novels deal either with the transformation itself or (as in The Road) with the aftermath of the transformation. Various lists have been compiled of such novels, including the following:





Walker Percy's Love in the Ruins might be worth a look, since Percy (like McCarthy) is a novelist of some stature outside of "genre fiction."

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Is Wyndham's The Chrysalids an option for you? Wyndham writes about our world existing in a post-apocalypse time following what the story calls a Tribulation. The great thing on the minds of the characters in the community in the story is to preserve the physical definition, form and structure of a human being since nuclear fallout has devastated and laid waste to the land. A new civilization rises up to challenge the defined order and they predict that the inevitable end of the challenge will be total destruction of the old and the supremacy of the new.

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Just to go for a completely different idea, you might like to consider Blindness by Jose Saramago. What makes me think of this novel is the way that both it and The Road present a very bleak picture indeed of human nature and the way that when civilisation is stripped away, we prey on each other and use and abuse each other to ensure our own survival. At the same time, however, both novels contain something of an element of hope in the face of this rather unpalatable truth about the nature of being human.

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What a great project. Since The Road is an apocalyptic book, it might be interesting to compare another  apocalytic books with a different point of view. From this perspective, how about the book of Revelation from the Bible? It is the vision that John the apostle saw on the island of Patmos about what is to come. There are three benefits of using the book of Revelation.

First, the book of Revelation is an ancient book that has endured the test of time. In other words, it still speaks to people today. Keep in mind that the Bible is the bestseller year after year.

Second, the imagery of the book of Revelation is rich. In fact, it draws upon the rest of the Bible. Hence, you will not be able to exhaust it at all. In other words, you will have a wealth of material with which to work.

Third, the contrasts between the two work are so great that a number of interesting questions can be asked. Scholars for example has compared the poetry of the Roman poet Vergil to the apostle John.

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