What is a good assessment for students who have problems stamping their names in a given box and on a given line?

Expert Answers
Lori Steinbach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a good question because it implies an understanding that every student deserves the opportunity to be measured (judged, assessed) based on his or her capabilities.

Stamping their name in a specified box on a specified line would, indeed, be a difficult task for some students with certain disabilities. Traditional forms of assessment would not be effective in this case Rather than measuring success based strictly on accuracy, some alternative assessments might include:

  1. demonstrating long-term mastery - student proves success eventually rather than just in a one-time testingĀ 
  2. changing the outcome - student only has to get near the box or the line (as predetermined by teacher)
  3. making accommodations - student is allowed some form of assistance (something on which to prop his hands, for example) in order to accomplish the task
  4. accomplishing the task over time - student is allowed an extended time period in which to accomplish the task
  5. evaluating based on improvement - student will be measured by improvement rather than mastery
  6. utilizing observation to measure effectiveness of the task - students will be assessed based on form or process rather than solely on the end result.

Certainly there are many more strategies which might be utilized in this situation; the only consideration is whether the assessment is reasonable, measurable, and verifiable.