What are good articles that discuss sight, blindness and knowledge in Oedipus Rex? 

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Claude Calame’s essay is excellent:

Calame, Claude (1996). “Vision, Blindness, and Mask: The Radicalization of the Emotions in Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex” in M. S. Silk, Tragedy and the Tragic: Greek Theatre and Beyond. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1996

Calame draws on Aristotle to discuss issues of spectacle and explain the importance of visual knowledge in the play’s language and actions. He also discusses the blind mask, which was to have been worn by the actor portraying Oedipus (after the blinding). According to Calame, self-blinding is a "gesture that calls into question the very foundation of tragic 'discourse,' the convention of masked representation as performed at the cult of Dionysus Eleuthereus."

There is another article responding to Calame:

Buxton, Richard (1996). “What can you rely on in Oedipus Rex?

You could also read:

Thumiger, C. (2013). Vision and Knowledge in Greek Tragedy. Helios40(1), 223-245.

eisigeyes | Student

To find strong articles that deal with sight, blindness, and knowledge in Oedipus Rex, you can conduct a search via Google Scholar or simply Google; however, it would help to understand the relationship between sight, blindness, and knowledge in the tragedy. Given that sight, blindness, and knowledge all deal with various aspects of light and darkness and having information or not, if you approach a search with these ideas, you can probably locate some more specific articles.

Many of these will be available through scholarly websites, and if you're in a position where you can't get into the pay sites, you could head over to your library and see if any of the database managers can direct you toward sites like JSTOR or Proquest, which have many helpful articles on those particular aspects of Oedipus Rex. Most of these libraries have subscriptions to article databases (and librarians are pretty cool people).

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