What is a good argument for Never Let me Go?

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While the specific subject of Kazuo Ishiguro ’s novel is cloning, the characters’ experiences and relationships lead the reader to a more basic question about what constitutes human identity. The author does not introduce the reader to the original humans from whom the children at Hailsham were cloned, so we cannot determine if the characters are identical in personality as well as genetic makeup. Several possible main arguments can be formulated based on Ishiguro’s central idea. One line of argumentation concerns nature versus nurture. Depending on the reader’s interpretation, they could argue that either nature or nurture is more important. Ishiguro seems to lean toward nurture, as he emphasizes the role of their upbringing: Hailsham unites the central characters and provides a unique environment that has positive elements even though it confines them. The relative lack of autonomy in charting their own paths also raises questions about free will. Ishiguro suggests that the...

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