What is going on with the Assyrian army today?Please tell me what's going on with the Assyrian army today.  Thanks!

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There must be a fundamental misunderstanding here. The Assyrians were an ancient people and they no longer exist. The Assyrians followed the Akkadian empire in the third century BC and their military prowess did not come to power until the first century BC. In fact, many historians consider the Assyrians to be the first military power in the world. Perhaps, the most famous military figure among the Assyrians is Sargon. He is credited to have created the first standing army.

Also it seems that the Assyrians were the first to use chariots for purposes of warfare. They also made some great advancements in the use of the cavalry. Finally, they were advanced in engineering, which they employed for warfare. They created some bridges and roads, very early on, which shows their sophistication.

Where are they now? They are history. All kingdoms rise and fall. This is a valuable lesson for all.


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