What goes on at Jay Gatsby's mansion parties? What do the guests do and what activities go on there?

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Gatsby had full orchestras playing the latest music. He offered abundant bootleg liquor and sumptuous buffets. His parties were always open-house affairs, and people felt free to come without invitations. The guests drank, ate, and danced the Charleston and other popular dances of the Jazz Age, or else they sat around and gossiped. Naturally there was a lot of flirtation, but Fitzgerald does not describe any nudity or sexual intercourse, leaving that to the reader's imagination. Many prominent people came to these parties, including judges and politicians.

The movieThe Great Gatsbyfeatures one of Gatsby's lavish parties. It must have cost a fortune to hire so many men and women and to provide the costumes of the period. It is well worth seeing this movie--which stars Robert Redford and Mia Farrow and includes a young Sam Waterston (of Law and Order fame)--to see one of Gatsby's parties recreated in color.

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Thanks a ton man, Had to make  a program for jay's party but I wasnt really sure what to put beside alcohol and jazz.

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