What are the gods' different battle tactics in Books 20 and 21 of Homer's Iliad?

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Book 21 is one of my favorite books in Homer's Iliad, because Zeus allows the gods and goddesses to go down to the battlefield and help their favorite heroes. As for battle tactics, as one might expect, when the Xanthus River attacks Achilles, Hephaestus helps Achilles by blasting the river with fire. Thus, fire battles water.

Elsewhere in the battle, Ares' spear is no match for the giant stone that Athena hurls at him. Athena then strikes Aphrodite...

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Apollo as usual sides with Troy. He deceives wroth Achilles so the Trojans would be able to escape and find shelter behind the walls. But Pheobus would not have intervend hadn't Vulcan protected Achilles against the flood of the river. So,mainly, you have the intervention of two gods: one on behalf of the Achaeans: Vulcan. The other on behalf of the Trojans: Pheobus Apollo.

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