What is glycosis and where does it take place? please and thank you.

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pacorz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Glycolysis is part of cell metabolism. In glycolysis, glucose, which is a six carbon sugar with the formula C6H12O6, is converted into two molecules of pyruvate, a three carbon molecule with the formula C3H4O3. The process of splitting the glucose into two smaller molecules releases stored energy, which the cell can use to make two molecules of ATP.  In aerobic organisms the pyruvate can enter the Krebs cycle and more energy can be released through the process of respiration. Glycolysis typically occurs in the cytoplasm of the cell; if the cell is aerobic, the pyruvate produced then enters the mitochondria to enter the Krebs cycle.

gelsaied | Student

Glycolysis is a step in Cellular Respiration. Glycolisis harvests chemical energy by oxidizing glucose to pyruvate. The word glycolysis literally means "sugar-spliting" and that is exactly what happens during the pathway. The input of glycolysis is glucose, and the outputs are 2 pyruvate, 2 ATP and 2 NADH molecules. Glycolysis occurs in the cytoplasm.

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