What is glycogen and it's formula?

krishna-agrawala | Student

Glycogen is a carbohydrate made up of glucose linked together in branched chains. In appearance it is a white powdery material without taste or odour.

Glycogen, often called animal starch, provides long-term energy storage in animals. It is a reserve food and easily converted to glucose. It is synthesized and stored mainly in lever and muscles. When body needs extra energy, lever releases glycogen in blood stream, which is then converted to glucose in muscles.

Glycogen consists of long polymer chain of glucose units connected by alpha acetal linkages. It is represented by chemical formula (C6H10O5)n.


victor1982 | Student

Glycogen is an energy reserve molecule which is a polysaccharide having a molecular

formula of [C6H10O5]. It is stored primarily in the liver and muscle tissues. Glycogen is

simply like a storage battery which is charged when glucose is present in excess.

Whenever the body is in need of additional energy during conditions like fasting,

strenuous exercise etc, glucose is released from this energy reserve glycogen and the

necessary energy is gained. Glycogen is present as β particles, and having a size of

approximately 30 nm in diameter consisting up to 60,000 glucose units.

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