What is a glogster? I need some ideas how to create one....and I have no idea

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Glogster.com is a website, whose motto is "Poster Yourself". Basically, it is a 2.0 and 21st century teaching tool on beta version where students can go to create an online collage, or poster, using pictures that they upload themselves. It is pre-loaded with a number of templates. The users only need to follow the different shapes and easy-to-follow directions so that they can organize the pictures by size, shape, and theme. Also, it is free to use and no harder than other sites that you can find for free use online.

Glogster can be used as a graphic organizing tool, as a tool for focal learning, or as a way to infuse art and technology in the classroom instruction. You can post your Glogster to the glogster gallery,  upload it and save it as a graphic, or just print it.

In my personal experience with Glogster the important part is to know what is the topic that will be explored and to have relevant pictures to go with it. It is best to save all your pictures first to a file that you know where to find, and then just follow the Glogster directions.

Also, whatever vocabulary you will include in your Glogster please ensure it is spelled correctly because once you finish your Glogster, you cannot change it. So, however creative you may be, the main idea of a Glogster is the integration of art, technology, but also language arts- and fun!