What global political and economic factors influenced international reaction to Apartheid? 

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The international reaction to Apartheid was very strong.  Global political and economic factors played into this.  From a political standpoint, it was difficult for leaders of various governments to stand by and watch how poorly the Black Africans were being treated.  Within their own countries, there had been a push for equality and equal rights.  When citizens of the world saw on television and in pictures the poor conditions the Black Africans faced, they put pressure on their leaders to demand change.  The same pressure also occurred when people realized the Black African majority was being denied political power and freedom.  This further intensified the pressure on governments to demand change.  Economically, many countries did business with countries that followed the policy of Apartheid.  This business amounted to huge sums of money.  By threatening to boycott products produced in these countries, the countries of the world exerted economic influence to try to get the policy of Apartheid to end.  It was a long struggle, but eventually, in part because of political and economic pressure, Apartheid came to an end.