What is The Giver's favorite memory?

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bmrasmussen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jonas asks the Giver for his favorite memory, but then quickly says that the Giver doesn't have to give it to him yet. The Giver, however, is happy to do so.  

Jonas immediately feels the joy from the memory. The memory includes a room with a fireplace, colored lights on a tree (which Jonas finds odd because the tree is inside the house), cooking food, laughter, and pets. Jonas also describes brightly colored packages on the floor and children opening them while parents and grandparents watch. He has never been exposed to the concept of a "grandparent" before, so the Giver explains this to him.  

At the end of the memory, the first word Jonas uses to describe it is warmth. He then adds that he felt family. After discussing grandparents with the Giver, Jonas asks what the emotion in the memory was, and the Giver tells him it was love.  Jonas expresses to the Giver that the family arrangement in the memory isn't very practical, but that he liked it and wishes that he lived that way.  He finally realizes that love involves risk, but he can't put his finger on exactly why.

The reader is left to assume that the memory the Giver shared with him was probably that of a Christmas because of the lights, family, and presents.

gbeatty eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Giver's favorite memory is described in Chapter 16. It's not named as Christmas, but it seems to be a family Christmas. It is a multi-generational family celebration when presents are exchanged. It's not wild, but the people are loving, and there is strong connection among them.

ik9744 | Student

The Giver's favorite memory is Love and Music. 

ilove2learn2010 | Student

the Giver's favorite memory is music

vestoso97 | Student

i think the giver's favorite memory is love.if i can remember to be exact.

brc1 | Student

its music


saarraahhss | Student

   In chapter 16, the Giver reveals his favorite memory to Jonas. This memory takes place in a certain holiday in winter (christmas) where a family made up of parents, children and grandparents sit together with great joy and esuberance as they oppen presents together. This memory is the giver's favorite one since it contains "love", which is not found in the heartless community. This memory also  shows that grandparents are part of a family, and not neglected nor released like in The Giver.

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