In What Girls Are Made Of by Elana K. Arnold, what are Nina Faye's characteristics?

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Nina Faye possesses the characteristics of a stereotypical teenager. She is naive and holds romantic fantasies about the boy she is infatuated with. Nina Faye is also sexually promiscuous. Nina's naivete leads to her being manipulated by her boyfriend, which ends in heartbreak.

Nina's view on love—as being conditional—reflects her mother's own attitude towards relationships. Nina's parents are barely home to offer her guidance, and this lack of adult presence influences the Nina's underdeveloped maturity.

Nina has a high sex drive, an obsessive devotion to those she lusts after, and troubled relationships with those around her. Nina's high sex drive is also evident in her interpretation of saints who were martyred for their devotion to God. She believes the female saints were sexually aroused by the divine rather than experiencing spiritual ecstasy.

The saints are a reflection of Nina's own devotion to something higher than herself—in this case, the concept of love—and the torture she experiences during her abortion and heartbreak.

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