What gifts does "Pem" (Pam) give Ha?

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Pam gives Ha a doll.

Pam is one of Ha's first friends at school. Before they met, Ha ate alone in the bathroom because she didn't know anyone. On gift-exchange day, Pam comes in with a doll that has long black hair and gives it to Ha. Even though Ha is pleased with the gift, it doesn't completely make her happy because she has nothing to give in return. She writes about the experience in a poem dated December 25.

The gift was extra thoughtful because Ha told Pam about a doll she had that mice chewed and ruined. Pam remembered and got a doll to replace that one. Ha says that it's so beautiful, she almost screamed.

Instead of screaming, Ha whispers "thank you" to Pam. She's grateful but embarrassed as well.

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