What gift does Kevin give Max when he is in the hospital?

When Max visits his friend in the hospital, Kevin gives him a blank book. This is so that Max can write a record of their adventures together.

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In chapter 23 of Freak the Mighty, Max is having a hard time when he visits Kevin in the hospital. Kevin is hooked up to all sorts of scary-looking machines, and it is clear that his health is quickly deteriorating. Despite Kevin's condition, it is he who comforts Max more than the other way around. He gives Max a book. It looks similar to the dictionary that he gave him for Christmas. However, this one is different. All the pages are blank. It is for Max to fill in with the stories of all the adventures that they have had together. Max will need to write the book on his own, since Kevin says that he will be too occupied adjusting to his new bionic body.

Max agrees to write down the story of their adventures together. Although he puts on a stoic front, it is clear to the reader that Kevin knows that he is dying. That is why it is important to him that his story be recorded and remembered. It turns out that this is the last conversation that the two friends have with each other. Max is forced to leave the room when Kevin has a severe coughing fit. When he returns the next day, he finds out that Kevin has died.

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