What gift did Kapu bring Miyax in Julie of the Wolves?  

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Kapu brought Julie (Miyax) food, in the form of a caribou leg.

Kapu protected Miyax by bringing her a gift of food.  Miyax was alone, making the difficult trek on only what small animals could be caught along the way.

He was trotting down the rabbit trail with a leg of caribou in his mouth.  His head bucked as he fought the awkward weight of the meat. (part 3, p. 124)

The gift was really a blessing, and Miyax was able to make a stew out of it.  Kapu does not stay, but he seems pleased with himself.  When Miyax/Julie sees the North Star, she feels like she can take on the world, ready for anything.  She is warm and comfortable enough, and her spirits are lifted.


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