Julie of the Wolves

by Jean George

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What gift did Kapu bring Miyax in Julie of the Wolves?  

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The answer to this question can be found in part 3 of the book. Miyax is out hunting for food, and she is hoping to snare a rabbit. She follows a rabbit trail until it terminates at the "roost." It is here that she sets up her snare and pays out enough line to keep her out of sight of a returning rabbit. She waits for hours, but her patience pays off. She snares a rabbit, quickly kills it, and returns to camp. Once in the camp, Miyax hears the grass rustling and realizes that Kapu is returning with the leg of a caribou in his mouth. Kapu drags the leg to Miyax and drops it at her feet. Kapu is extremely proud of his catch, and he dashes around wagging his tail in excitement. Miyax asks Kapu if the meat is for her, and Kapu responds by spanking the ground and leaping sideways. The display is an affirmation to Miyax's question, and she drags the caribou leg back to her tent.

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Kapu brought Julie (Miyax) food, in the form of a caribou leg.

Kapu protected Miyax by bringing her a gift of food.  Miyax was alone, making the difficult trek on only what small animals could be caught along the way.

He was trotting down the rabbit trail with a leg of caribou in his mouth.  His head bucked as he fought the awkward weight of the meat. (part 3, p. 124)

The gift was really a blessing, and Miyax was able to make a stew out of it.  Kapu does not stay, but he seems pleased with himself.  When Miyax/Julie sees the North Star, she feels like she can take on the world, ready for anything.  She is warm and comfortable enough, and her spirits are lifted.

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