What is GIA certified Diamonds?I want to know more about GIA certified diamonds and online buying diamonds is safe or not. www.diamondsonfire.com

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Thanks fos answering to my question.

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GIA stands for Gemological Institute of America.  A GIA certified diamond has been assessed for color, cut, clarity and carat, and then issued a certificate recording these properties.  A diamond is certified to assure the buyer that the stone possesses the qualities they are paying for.  A diamond can be certified by other reputable groups, but GIA is considered the highest authority in the diamond grading business.  If an online dealer claims a diamond is GIA certified, you can verify the report using the GIA website.

Diamonds can be bought safely online, but you should make yourself familar with the return policy prior to purchase.  Once you have purchased a diamond, it is a good idea to have it appraised by a jeweler (that has been trained by the GIA) to assure you that you have gotten the diamond you paid for if it has not been GIA certified.  If your diamond doesn't match the description you can return it and only lose the money you paid for the appraisal.

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