What does the ghost of Christmas past mean when he says "your reclamation then take heed"?

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Scrooge inquires of the spirit "what business" brought him there. It is notable that he asks after the spirit's "business," because Scrooge has very specific thoughts about what is one's business.  He considers himself to be his own business, and his work is his business, but he doesn't believe it is his business to concern himself with other people and their needs.  When the spirit says that he has come about the business of Scrooge's "reclamation," he seems to mean that he has come to try to reclaim Scrooge's soul.  As it is, Scrooge's soul will go the same way his former business partner, Jacob Marley's, has gone: to hell.  Without the intervention of Marley and the three ghosts, Scrooge is essentially doomed to wander the earth for eternity, dragging his chains and lamenting that he can do nothing now to help humanity and did nothing when he could have in life.  Now, the ghosts come to try to reclaim his soul and prevent him from an eternity of pain and suffering.

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Before saying this, Scrooge had asked what it was that the spirit was doing there that evening. The spirit answered that it was there to see about Scrooge's "welfare." Upon hearing this, Scrooge thought to himself that he really would be much better off if he could just sleep through the night without all these interruptions. The spirit seems to have heard this thought when it says "your reclamation then."

So it is there to help him see if he can't do something to help Scrooge rebuild his life, to fix or at least go some way toward fixing all the negative consequences that have resulted from Scrooge's love of money over all else.

Even then, Scrooge is concerned that he is not properly dressed for an excursion the likes of which the spirit urges him to take. He still does not wish to rise from the warm confines of his bed as he cannot yet understand what needs to be "reclaimed" about his life.

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