What are George's handicaps in Harrison Bergeron?

Expert Answers
gbeatty eNotes educator| Certified Educator

George is Harrison’s father, and so has to bear more than one handicap, prefiguring the more extreme ones his son will wear.

Because of his high intelligence, he has to wear a “mental handicap radio.” This goes off every 20 seconds, to disrupt his thinking.

He also has to wear almost 50 pounds of extra weight around his neck (47, to be exact). This indicates that he must be markedly stronger than average, which is again a sign of how strong his son will be.

Those are all of the direct handicaps that George wears. You could argue that his knowledge of having to wear these handicaps is another, more conceptual handicap, as are the laws that limit him, his son, and all of the citizens of this time.

A final emotional handicap would be the death of his son.