What is George's analysis of Lennie's incident involving the girl in Weed? 

Expert Answers
gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

During a conversation with Slim, George explains how Lennie got them into some trouble in Weed. After Slim assures George that he won't say a word, George tells him that Lennie saw a girl wearing a red dress that he wanted to touch. George explains to Slim that Lennie enjoys touching soft things and simply wanted to feel the dress. When Lennie grabbed her dress, the girl screamed, and Lennie panicked. Lennie was so scared that he grasped harder onto the girl's dress as she continued to scream. Fortunately, George was standing close by and was able to run over to see what was happening. When George saw that Lennie was not letting go of the dress, he hit Lennie over the head with a fence picket until he let go. Following the incident, the girl told the authorities that Lennie raped her. George and Lennie were then forced to hide out in an irrigation ditch to avoid a lynch mob before they were able to escape. George insists that Lennie wasn't trying to harm the girl and blames Lennie's actions on his mental disability.