What, according to Paul Johnson, were George Washington's key contributions to America as a president?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There were many contributions made by George Washington as our first President.  One of those accomplishments was to stay out of the arguments that were developing as political parties began to form.  Washington was against political parties, fearing they would divide our country, and he tried to stay out of the growing divide that each party represented.  Washington also was able to guide the new country as the new Constitution was being developed and implemented.  His work in doing this can't be understated.  Under the Constitution, the United States began to grow and prosper as a nation.  Many other countries have tried to model their government structure after ours.  Because Washington was so skillful as a leader, people were able to see how the Constitution was a good document to use to develop a new government.  Finally, Washington was able to give up political power without the trappings that sometimes come with having it.  Even though many wanted Washington to serve a third term, he walked away from all the power that came with his office.  George Washington, as President of the United States, made many contributions which helped us grow as a country.

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