What is the geometry of the fluorine atoms around the boron atom in BF4^–?  (A)  planar  (B)  see-saw (C)  tetrahedral  (D)triangular pyramidal

llltkl | Student

The geometry of the fluorine atoms around the central atom (boron) in `BF_4^-` can be evaluated from the VSEPR model.

From the Lewis structure of `BF_4^-` ,

Number of valence electrons of the central atom (B): 3

Electrons shared+electrons obtained from dative contribution during bond formation: 3+2=5


Total: 8 electrons = 4 pairs

pi bonded pairs (if any): 0


Number of structurally active electron pairs around the central atom: = 4-0 = 4

Hybridization: `sp^3` ,

Geometry: Tetrahedral,

Lone pairs (if any): 0


Hence the fluorine atoms are disposed around boron atom in exact tetrahedral arrangement (option C).

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