What geologic and climatic natural disasters occur in the Ring of Fire region?

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There are some sorts of natural disasters that are common to all parts of the Ring of Fire.  Given that the Ring of Fire is a very large region, however, there are some disasters that only occur in some parts of that region.  Generally speaking, the geological disasters are fairly common to all areas while the climatic disasters vary by region.

The Ring of Fire is, of course, a very geologically active region.  It is also home to a huge number of people.  This means that there are a certain set of geological disasters that are possible and relatively common.  In this area, there tend to be many volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.  The earthquakes can cause tsunamis that can be more deadly and devastating than the earthquakes themselves.  An example of this was the Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004 which was set off by an earthquake.  These disasters can happen anywhere in the Ring of Fire region.

The most common climatic disaster in this region is the hurricane or typhoon.  This type of disaster is very common in tropical areas such as the Philippines.  However, this sort of disaster does not typically occur in the eastern part of the Ring of Fire.

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