What is the genre of A Sound of Thunder?What rules does this genre follow?

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lmetcalf eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"Sound In of Thunder" is a science fiction story written by Ray Bradbury.  It is probably one of his most famous and it demonstrates several characteristics of science fiction literature.  While there are no set rules in sci-fi, generally the setting is somehow removed from the real/current world we live in.  It is usually set in the future, but many elements of the this world are recognizable to us.  In this story of space travel, we recognize the idea of space travel, but in the future of this story, every-day people get to make the trip, not just scientists and astronauts. 

Another common element in science fiction is reference to scientfic or technological advances.  Bradbury wrote this story decades before NASA developed its space program far enough to include a space shuttle that essentially is an "airplane for space."

Even though sci-fi is set in a place different from our present, the themes presented are universal.  Bradbury wants to explore the importance of considering the long-term effect of our actions, and is using this sci-fi world to make this point.  Even though we might say to ourselves, "That could never happen" the point of the story is still made when we see the aftermath of a little step off the path.

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sceince fiction short story!