What genre is the book Shades of Gray?

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Shades of Gray is young adult historicalfiction about the aftermath American Civil War.

Historical fiction is fiction that contains historical accuracies.  Some of the characters are usually fictional, but there will always be mention of real historical people.  The book is considered young adult literature because it is geared toward adolescents.

The book describes Will Page, a twelve year old boy whose family was killed by Yankees in the Civil War.  William feels angry about the destruction he sees around him.  He is sent to live with his family, but he considers them traitors because his uncle did not fight the Yankees.

“She wrote out those instructions a long time ago.  That letter you showed me was dated before the war.  She’d never have wanted us—wanted me—to live with traitors.” (ch 1)

Will regrets the fact that his brother and father were killed, and his sisters died as a result of an epidemic that spread from the military encampment to the town.  His mother died of grief.