What is the genre of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao?

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The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao is a post-modern novel and, as such, a conscious blending of many styles and media, including the following:
  • Coming-of-age story (Bildungsroman)
  • Immigrant fiction
  • Historical fiction
  • Quest literature
  • Comedy
  • Tragedy
  • Epic
  • Science fiction: e.g., Isaac Asimov
  • Fantasy: e.g., Lord of the Rings
  • Comic book: e.g., Spider Man
  • Intertextual literature: e.g., Oscar Wilde
  • Picaresque: e.g., Invisible Man
  • Pop Culture Homage: e.g., Dr. No, Land of the Lost
  • Dominican History: e.g., Trajillo
As a whole, Postmodernism rejects Western values and beliefs as only a small part of the human experience and often rejects such ideas, beliefs, culture, and norms. So, it can best be described as a mosaic, or a a collage – a volatile and combustible mash-up – a mix tape of real, unreal, past, present, comedy, and tragedy, just like the de Leon family.

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