What are genotypes and phenotypes? not to complicated please :)))

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A genotype is the genetic makeup of an organism. For example, if a pea plant had two genes for height, one from each parent, depending on which two genes it has, this genotype will in turn, affect the phenotype, or how it appears. If the plant inherited one tall allele and one short allele, its genotype is heterozygous for tall. Using the letters T for tall which is dominant, and lowercase t for short, which is recessive, its genotype is then Tt for its height. The appearance or phenotype of this plant in terms of height is tall. This is because a tall allele which is dominant will be expressed and the other short allele for height, which is recessive, will remain hidden.

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In short, the genotype most of the time constitutes the phenotype.  The genotype is the genetic makeup of an organism for a certain trait.  For example a heterozygous individual for the b gene would have a Bb genotype.  However, lets say that B is dominant to b.  Therefore, the phenotype expressed in the organism would be the same as BB.  The phenotype of an prganism is the result of the genotype, or how the genotype affects the organism.  For example, if B represented black fur in mice and b represented white fur in mice, BB would be black, Bb would be black, and bb would be white.

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Genotype and Phenotype are terms used in genetics to describe the genetic constitution and outer characteristic constitution of an individual respectively.Genotype is responsible for your outer appearance,how do you appear to others i.e. phenotype.
for example,if you have brown eyes that is your phenotype and the genes inside your cells which are responsible for giving youreyes brown appearance,are genotype for your eye colour.
Eye colour may be black,blue or brown depending which gene is present in your cells.Thesegenes differ in their nucleotide pattern and so the pattern of amino acids changes in the resulting protein,whose presence in the eyes gives them their respective colours.These different genes are different alleles for the eye colour.You can say these are the options for eye colour for the creator i.e. mother nature,but which is not independent of what alleles are presentin your parents for eye colours.
Say if AGUTAG is responsible for brown,thenmay be ATUTAG may be responsible for blue eyes.They have different nucleotide at 2nd position.If the former is in your cells,you must have brown eyes and if latter is present you must have blue eyes.
Genotype is genetic constituent for a characterthat is present in an individual.
Phenotype is result of the genotypic constituent present in cells.
Alleles are different sets of genetic constituents for a given character or phenotype.