senioreeto | Student

genome:the set of chromosomes or all the inheritable characters of a living organism,present in the nucleus of a cell is called the genome of that organism.

e.g:the genome of a human being is its DNA,while that of lower plants and lower animals like bacteria,viruses,etc is RNA.

orchid101 | Student

The total hereditary material may be divided into the genome and the plasmon. The genome is the hereditary material of the chromosomal complex. The gene has been variously considered as a unit of recombination (recon), a unit of mutation (muton) and a unit of function (cistron). These three units are not identical. On the basis of work on Drosophila the gene was considered to be the shortest segment of a chromosome which could be separated from its adjacent segments during crossing over. It was thought that genes were those parts of the chromosomes between which crossing over could take place.

ash742154 | Student

Genome is DNA or chromosomes. It is an organism's hereditary information stored in the nucleus of the cell in eukaryotes.

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